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Tal's Poetry - השירים של טל


My new project will allow you to meet my poetry as it being 'read out' by me.

Poems are moments of humanity that will open a window or a door for you to read and meet yourself between the lines. 

Make some room for poetry in your life. 

Written Poetry - Hebrew & English

​It is surprising how many people love to meet poems in their original written form.

Written poems in Hebrew and English are being posted every week on my Instagram.

On Facebook you can also meet my Hebrew Poetry here:

A Hebrew poetry book  was published in 2017. For More details about the book pleae contact me.

Intervviews about my creation process



Photo by Trey Gibson via Unsplash

Art of Dance
A Voyage to the Human Soul

'A Voyage to the Human Soul' is a creation of dance, words and music.

A woman on the dance floor meets herself over and over again, wondering who is deciding for her who she should be – herself or others.

This creation gives the audience a glimpse of what women let others see vs. their deep true inner voices.

The piece was presented at 'MAYA' art gallery & 'Hanadiv' Festival in Israel during 2019.

It has presented during 2020 in 'It's Liquid' Event in Venice, Italy and in 'Under the Skin' Night in 'Tana' in Israel.

Music by Amit Weiner.

Past performances

2018 -  ‘Campfire’ and ‘Sensitive to Touch’ were presented as part of the ‘Dream, Drum, Dance’ festival in Suzanne Dellal Dance Center in Israel.

2017 - 'Questions I Asked a Long Time Ago' was presented in the Delft Fringe Festival in Holland.

'5 Extra points for smiling' at 'Hayadit' theatre and at 'Tzavta' theatre. 

2016 - residencies at 'Dance City' in New Castle, UK (Creative Summer project), and at 'The Dans Lab' in Hague, Holland.

I created and produced a project called ‘A Door to a Room’ that brought dancers and musicians together to the stage. We created a show called 'Place' that was presented in different Art Galleries and Studios.

A work in Progress

'The Three Graces'  is a piece for three dancers about the fine line between reality and fantasy.

It will be a combination of contemporary dance, text and videos.

Coming soon!

Photo by Idan Aslan

Photo by Eli Shiri

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