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art of dance

As a Dancer & Choreographer, I create artistic pieces that combine contemporary dance & words. Those artistic pieces take place on stage & online.

Through a unique language of movement and poetry, I go on a search for moving ways to tell stories and characters, in all matters of speaking. 

Photo by Eli Shiri

A voyage to the human soul

'A Voyage to the Human Soul' is a solo creation of dance, words and music.


This creation tells the story of different women – what they are letting us see or perhaps the things we wish to see.


We live in a time that is almost a miracle for women. Ever since you were a little girl you knew that you could do many things; People around you told you that you can do everything and that everything is within your reach.


The woman that we meet on the dance floor could be a warrior, a practical person, shy, spiritual, sensual and so much more. She meets herself over and over again, wondering who is deciding for her who she should be – herself or the expectations of others.


'Coshrot' is a trio of dancers setting on a journey following the three ancient Canaanite Goddesses - The Goddess of fertility (the mother of gods), the Goddess of Love & the Goddess of War.

Have those ancient Goddesses found their way into the lives of women and society in the 21st century? Can they be found in women today and do we still follow their archetypes?


This contemporary dance & poetry piece wishes to bring to the surface questions about the way women carry the spirit of the Goddesses into the post-modern age and the ongoing Feminist revolution.


The performance is followed by an open conversation with the audience or a creative workshop. 

Photo by Maya Yemini

Photo by Romy Alon

Who will call your Name?

In the old days, in the old land of Canaan, they used to worship the old Goddesses and ask for their blessing where the inhabitants met the edges of the desert, where wilderness took over.


What if with the awakening of feminism, the evolution of archeological studies, and rereading the old sacred texts, there are those who hear the call again, while the sands reveal secrets and wish to send them on a new but ancient journey?

Photo by Maya Yemini

Photo by Gilad Maderer


'Dynamics of Movement' presents a creative process in the making as an artist's self-search in three situations: in the studio, between the walls of the house, and outside in the open space.


During the quarantines, artists found themselves rehearsing in the studio while around the world things became unclear and chaotic, then gathering between the walls of the house without space for movement. They ended up going back outside in a storm of emotions.


In retrospect, it was a period in which there was a self-searching and artistic without limit, without a schedule, without criticism. Only the artist and his endless questions.

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