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Photo by Haim Kimchi

Creativity workshops

Creating art is existing. I Create - Therefore I am.

Creating is a basic thing all humanity has in common and we create all the time. When you create art, you open a window that people can communicate through and they realize they have much more in common than they thought. They can relate to one another and break barriers through their art. 

Creative Writing Workshops

Dance Workshops

When we grab a pen and look at a blank page, we feel a burning desire to write, but sometimes wonder where or how to start.

Through a practice of a few creative techniques we can tap into the skills of our creative writing ability and use some routines on a daily basis.

How can we to turn daily experiences into a poem? How to develop one line into a poem and how do you begin writing people or characters? 

A creative writing workshop addresses all of those questions & more!

Contact me for details.

As a dancer and a choreographer, I find the ability to tell a story through the eyes and voices of different characters an important staring point of every dance piece.

During my dance workshops we go on a journey of movement in which we explore different pointing views of different characters. 

We search for inspiration in those characters in order to start and create a dance piece with a our own unique voice and language of movement.


Contact me for details. 

Create with me

Tap into your creativity

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