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My Writing

I have been writing poems in Hebrew & English since I was 9 years old and I have always felt that poems already exist in the world.

As a poet, what you need to do before you write poems, is to find them; And they wait inside and outside and between people, in the moments between the moments, on the way home, late at night, in the questions that are waiting to be asked and between the lines. They are waiting to be revealed and to be written.


My poetry is being published in different platforms, such as books, poetry magazines, and social media platforms online. 


My Hebrew poetry book - 'Makom Ba'Daf - מקום בדף' was published in 2017 and can be purchased via the contact Page.

My second Hebrew poetry book 'Lea Seeks Redemption' is avaliable in Catharsis publication website


My Hebrew & English poems can be found in various magazines such as 'Otherwise Engaged,' 'Motiv' publications, 'Kol He'Hamon' and more.


For my online publications please check the 'Virtual Poetry' column and the links to my social media. 

Virtual Poetry

The technological world allows us to publish our creations in various accessible ways.


I publish in a few different platforms: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube - links to those platforms can be found at the bottom of the page.

In those platforms you can find videos in which I 'speak out' poems, written poetry, tips that assist in developing creative writing skills and videos in which I 'dance' to the words.

For my written poetry in Hebrew please join the Facebook group 'Makom Ba'Daf - מקום בדף.'



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